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Semi-Private Training Programmes

With only 2-4 clients per session, semi-private training combines the best of personal training with the dynamic and fun aspects of group training.

Each semi-private training session follows the same training format of our award-winning personal training programmes, with exercises adapted for each individual to ensure they are able to exercise to their pace and safely, whilst still challenging each individual.

As with our transformation programmes, there is frequent testing and monitoring so that clients are able to keep track of their progress.

Our semi-private training programmes are designed for clients looking to achieve rapid results in fat loss, muscle toning & overall strength & fitness.

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Pricing & Programme Features

Semi-Private Programmes start from 1,995AED per month & include:
  • 2 or 3 times per week semi-private training options
  • Complimentary Embody group classes
  • Monthly body composition and strength testing
  • Scheduled access to our studio for individual training 
  • Outline nutritional programme
  • 10% discounts on all deep tissue massages
  • 10% discount on all F&B, supplements & merchandising
  • Priority invitations to Embody Fitness events
Embody Fitness branded equipment


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