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Rehabilitation & Sports Massage

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We are highly experienced at working with clients who have recently suffered injuries or undergone surgical procedures.

Rehabilitation is all about not only restoring function and mobility to our clients, but, in many cases, strengthening them to a point which is even better than before their injury or surgery occurred.

Our coaches and personal trainers are experts in rehabilitation and are recognised globally for their strength and conditioning knowledge and experience, having worked with top athletes and sports professionals on critical rehabilitation programmes.

We have multiple accolades in this field and our client successes have been numerous and in many cases, beyond the expectations of not only our clients, but other industry professionals.

Our Jumeirah gym works with physiotherapists and other industry experts to devise practical and restorative programmes to strengthen and rehabilitate clients.

Each of our body transformation programmes include comprehensive movement screenings and body movement analyses to ensure we are able to design training programmes for our clients to help avoid injury and address any issues or weaknesses identified.

Rehabilitation and sports massage in Dubai

Sports Massage

Whether to keep joints and muscles flexible, to alleviate muscular soreness or tightness or as part of one of our focused rehabilitation programmes, our sports massage forms a key part of any fitness journey at Embody Fitness.

The quality of our sports massage therapist is, like our other services, unrivalled and should be experienced by all clients to be truly appreciated.

“I was referred to Embody Fitness by a functional medicine practitioner.

I had been doing crossfit training and endurance riding almost every day of the week but I was suffering from persistent and enduring pain that was then limiting my activities. I had tendonitis in both shoulders, degenerative L4 & L5 discs and a lot of knee pain.

I have been undergoing a rehabilitation programme with Embody Fitness for the last two months and the benefits have been life changing for me. I am now completely pain free in my body for the first time in 2 years, I have also lost significant weight and gained strength in all areas and I am now exercising like never before.

I could not recommend Embody Fitness highly enough and am thoroughly enjoying my training.”

Sheikha Madiyar Al Maktoum - Embody Fitness Rehabilitation Programme


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