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“The best personal training in Dubai… the go-to place for body transformations”  Men’s Health

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The Best Personal Fitness Training in Dubai

We have earned our reputation as industry leaders in personal training and fitness because of the quality and consistency of our personal training team and our personal training. Our Personal Trainers all come from the UK and consist of ex-Olympic athletes and world-class coaches.

Whether you are new to strength training or a seasoned gym goer, the Embody Fitness personal training approach and each of our elite personal trainers will be able to challenge you, motivate you and drive you to perform better, all while educating you about how to exercise, construct challenging programmes and self-motivate.

Personal training at Embody Fitness is not just a service, it is an education process which has a profoundly positive effect on our clients – getting them to believe in themselves more, grow in strength, knowledge and confidence and achieve world-class results, whatever the objective.

Whether you are looking for an amazing physical transformation at a ladies-only gym or simply want to keep yourself in good physical shape, we provide the very best personal training services because we are focused on getting the most out of each of our clients and every personal training session we run.

Our one on one personal training sessions include post workout protein shakes and start from 395AED per 1 hour session and can be taken as part of a personal training pack or one of our award-winning Transformation Programmes, see below for more details.

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Personal Training – Award-Winning Transformation Programmes

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Our award-winning transformation programmes and fitness classes are completely tailored to your objectives and include programmes to achieve:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • Muscle toning
  • Pre-natal conditioning and post-natal recovery
  • Muscle and physique building
  • Event preparation (e.g. Wedding)
  • Sports performance (e.g. endurance event)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Health-focused recovery (e.g. Diabetes reversal)
Programmes tend to be either 8 or 12 weeks in duration and are designed to achieve rapid, life changing results in relatively short periods of time.

We achieve these results by taking a thorough and all-inclusive approach to your programming, which will include:

At your initial assessment, you will undergo a thorough physical assessment and functional movement screening with one of our highly qualified sport therapists. The outcome of this screening is discussed with the rest of your personal training team so that we can develop a training plan bespoke to you, addressing any weaknesses or target areas for specific strength and rehabilitation work.

You will also meet with one of our nutrition experts to gather vital body composition information such as body fat percentage and lean muscle. You will also discuss your lifestyle considerations and overall goals to devise very precise nutrition plans aimed at supplementing your training programme and delivering your desired body composition goals.

Once all training and nutrition plans are finalised your personal trainer will take you through your bespoke training plan in detail to ensure you know exactly what you will be doing, both inside and outside the gym. Your personal trainer will also be able to guide you through the optimum pre- and post- workout protocols to ensure you are getting the most out of each session with us.

You can and should expect dynamic, challenging and motivating work-outs designed to get the best out of you and your body.

Your training programme will be constantly adapted by your personal trainer and our Director of Personal Training to ensure your body is responding in the most positive way to its challenges – this is key to continued improvement and delivering the best physical results.

Precise nutrition is essential if great results are to be achieved. We make sure every client’s food plan contains exactly what their body requires to function optimally and produce the desired effect. We understand that for the majority of our clients they do not have the time to spend all day in the kitchen cooking, so we offer not just individualised plans but also simple and effective solutions to make the process as easy to manage as possible. Where tailored food delivery packages are selected, your nutritional expert will liaise directly to ensure your meal plans comply fully with your Embody nutritional programme.

Supplementation should be an essential part of any optimal training and nutrition plan – but only if it is necessary and enhances overall performance and wellbeing. With our extensive knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of supplementation, your Embody supplement protocol will provide you with everything required to support your workouts, your nutrition and optimise health.

Remaining injury-free is an essential component of any effective training programme. We also want you to be in peak physical shape as your body will respond quicker and more positively to its challenge if we can improve structural weaknesses and increase overall flexibility and mobility. Our highly skilled sports therapists are on hand to help and can offer tailored programmes to improve your overall physical conditioning where necessary or desirable. We also have highly skilled massage therapists available to keep your body operating at optimum strength.
Delivering great physical results is a highly dynamic process and we are passionate about optimising your progress every step of the way. As your body’s physical appearance begins to change so too does its hormonal profile, training and nutritional requirements. This is why we re-test you every 3-4 weeks so that we can make all the necessary adjustments to your personal training programme and diet.

We also want you to have a record of your results to fully understand what it all means, but also to fully appreciate the journey your body is undergoing. That is why we provide you with periodic reports and analysis on your progress, as well as updated nutrition and other plans.

Personal Training Programmes – Benefits & Pricing

Monthly costs for our Transformation Programmes start at 5,865 AED per month, and are designed as either 2 or 3 month programmes.

Our Body Transformation programmes include all the following benefits:

  • Initial 1hr assessment covering body composition, bespoke nutritional meal plan, movement screening & summary report
  • 3x per week personal training with our elite level personal trainers
  • Bodyfat retests & nutritional programme updates every three weeks
  • Unlimited access to our group classes (yoga based & HIIT)
  • Complimentary parking in the Lamborghini building
  • Post-workout protein shakes
  • Access to our private studio for individual training
  • 10% discount on all therapy, nutritional and retest sessions
  • 10% discount on all F&B, supplements and merchandising
  • Priority invitations to Members-only events
  • MyZone belt
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