• Bespoke nutritional plans for members
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching at embody fitness
  • Bespoke nutritional plans for members
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching at embody fitness

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Central to the results we deliver on our transformation programmes are the changes and adaptations our clients make to their diet and lifestyle with the guidance of our in-house nutritional and lifestyle coaches.

Many of our clients come to us with specific health issues or lifestyle challenges that have become [chronic] and/or have started to adversely impact their ability to lose weight and/or their day to day activities (e.g. Pre-Diabetics, Diabetics and [Hypertension sufferers]).

Our in-house nutrition and lifestyle coaches are able to provide expert, practical advice and coaching to clients to allow them to make steady, impactful changes to their diets and lifestyles, creating profound changes in their sense of overall health and wellbeing.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching is fully included in our transformation programmes. Stand-alone Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching sessions start at 395AED per session.
Nutrition plan at Embody Fitness
This year I completed the 8 week transformation programme at Embody Fitness- a new fitness facility in Dubai that promises to provide a complete physical transformation .

My motivation to enroll in this programme was twofold . Firstly to deal with my diet as I had elevated insulin and cholesterol levels and secondly my existing exercise regime was severely limited by knee pain.

At Embody fitness I was guided by a team consisting of a dietician, personal trainer and experts in strength, conditioning, and sports therapy. My initial concerns regarding the strenuous training programme having a detrimental effect on my knee were proven wrong. Not only did I not suffer any pain during the programme, but now 6 months later I have not had any knee pain despite holidays where I walked for 2/3 hours a day. I would not have been able to do this before which shows that with the right training guidance I have gotten much stronger.

If you are seriously committed like I was to make a change in your lifestyle and get much healthier and stronger, you will see impressive results very quickly with this programme.

After having finished the program I had my six monthly check up with my endocrinologist and much to his surprise I had major drops in not only insulin and cholesterol levels, but also my thyroid levels are much better. My doctor recommended that I stay on the Embody prescribed diet.

So after having looked for years for an overall programme that is effective, I can highly recommend this transformation programme. In addition to the above, the facilities are beautifully designed and everybody in the Embody team is very friendly and seems to genuinely care about your progress. People in the team are always available for a chat, advice and providing moral support. Since having finished the programme I have continued training at Embody and will do so as it has become part of my life!

Suzan Aydin, 8-Week Body Transformation Programme
I am no stranger to the fitness industry and have tried almost every place in Dubai, but Embody Fitness is different – I joined Embody Fitness over the summer and the thing that hits you first is that this is a business that seriously cares about each and every one of their clients – like you are part of their family – and they look after you in ways you would never expect.

Their staff are exceptional – knowledgeable, extremely professional and compassionate – this applies to every member of the team – whether coach, nutritional adviser, therapist or front of house staff.

I could not ask for a better experience and my results have been amazing – they not only change your body but as they say (and I now believe it), they have transformed my life!

Mo Tarrahi, 12-Week Body Transformation Programme


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