Tim Richards

Tim has spent at least 24 of his 30 years around sport and fitness. Ranging from Football as a young kid to representing his county as captain in professional rugby. His passion for health and fitness is embedded in his blood.

He has always found that his personality is easily adaptable to any individual. This allows him to work well with all types of clients and get the best from them. He lives and breathes fitness and wellbeing so this helps him keep an interest in self education and progression. His wealth of knowledge has built up somewhat over these 24 years. Join Embody Fitness – The best VIP gym in Dubai to meet Tim.

Why I love my job

Fitness has been such a big part of my life over the years. I feel that being able to share the knowledge I have built up during this time is something I owe to give back to my clients. Seeing my clients progress throughout their personal training sessions is inspiring. What better than seeing people excel in something you have taught them?

My greatest motivation

My greatest motivation is seeing our clients progress and learn. If I can help clients to think about what they can do to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, that gives me the satisfaction and motivation to continue to bring the best out of each individual client that walks through the door.

Hobbies and interests

Apart from smashing out numerous gym sessions of my own in the week, I like to take time to relax and recover. Living in a lovely sunny place I have the luxury of spending a lot of time outdoors. This ranges from relaxing on the beach, quad biking in the desert, spending time with loved ones to watching movies on the sofa.

Relevant experience/background qualifications

  • National Diploma in Sport and Nutrition
  • PT level 1-3
  • GNVQ in the Leisure/ Fitness industry

Personal Trainer

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