Richard Alleyne

Richard’s positive nature and attention to detail make him a highly skilled and results-driven personal trainer, just like our other fitness trainers.  With his background as a former Great Britain athlete, he knows how to motivate and help his clients to achieve their personal goals, and surpass their own expectations. Richard’s main strengths and points of focus lie within strength & conditioning and body composition change.

Why I love my job

Being a part of the team at Embody Fitness allows me to impart my knowledge, and years of experience, to my clients to help transform their lives through personal training.  I enjoy being able to motivate and guide my clients throughout their fitness journey at our fitness facility, enabling them to attain their end result but also maintain their results post-programme.

My greatest motivation

My greatest motivation is the satisfaction I get when I see a client achieve their results, especially after all the hard work and energy they put into their sessions. Seeing these changes in my clients is one of my greatest motivators – and is an incredibly rewarding part of my role.

Hobbies and interests

Apart from working out (of course) I enjoy playing basketball, watching motorsports and playing golf. Golf is my main activity, I try to play as often as possible. I feel that after being an athlete for many years it’s hard not be competitive at a sport. Golf gives me the ability to challenge myself and improve my technique each time I play.

Relevant experience/background qualifications

  • REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • FMS trained
  • Former pro athlete

Personal Trainer

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