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Free your spine, neck and shoulders workshop

In this workshop we will go through the causes of “stiffness” in the spine, neck and shoulders. You will also learn some movement and neuro based strategies to be able to address that to help alleviate tension.

In this workshop we will go through:

The causes of muscular tension The body’s reason for creating tension Mobility exercises Neurological exercises

Free your Spine, Neck & Shoulders Workshop with Body Hack

One breath reset exercise to make your head instantly feel lighter on your shoulders

“Embody clients get a 10% discount”

Date: Feb 22nd 2020

Timings:  10am-1pm
Price: AED 395

For bookings:

Email: [email protected]
T: +971 52 482 5462

About Body//HACK:

BodyHack are by far and away some of the most knowledgeable people in the Fitness industry. They offer one of the best personal training diploma in Dubai, as a team of ex-Olympian athletes, neurologists, they are the leading Fitness Education Provider in the Middle East.