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An elite team of handpicked personal fitness trainers and nutritionists are waiting at a world-class facility to help you achieve your body transformation and fitness goals.

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Our Personal Fitness Trainers are award winning personal trainers, nutritionists and coaches.


We have achieved results for hundreds of clients since we started our journey in 2011. Our personal trainers in Dubai include ex-Olympic gold medallists and highly experienced coaches.


Our luxury fitness studio in Dubai is packed with hand-picked world-class equipment, therapy & sports massage rooms and free underground parking.


Our holistic approach to our clients' fitness includes training, nutrition and sports therapy. We are highly rated by our members because our fitness trainers get results that LAST.


A. Nassief

An absolute stunning gym that has changed my lifestyle for the better with the guidance and nutrition & with all the right equipment, and a helpful and engaging staff, ultra clean and private. The perfect workout environment. An added bonus is the food and protein shake bar. I personally worked with Coach Harjeet Singh great down to earth guy that has helped me day in day out , kept me motivated through the tough times as well with his guidance and counsel. Another part of the program that elevated my experience was the nutrition with Saul and Tim great guys they were on of the causes of my transformation which was 13 Kilos in 10 weeks a massive achievement by myself and the team one for the books. Owe a lot to my trainer and nutritionist thanks a lot guys. Had the best journey and absolutely recommend it!



I joined this gym approximately 4 months ago and can say I have not been disappointed! They help with everything from lifestyle, diet and workout and have helped me not only lose weight and look better, but more importantly feel much fitter. The place is really clean, easy to get to and everyone is super friendly and flexible - my trainer Emily is amazing!


Laura McDonald

I’ve been training with Harjeet at Embody Fitness for 5 months now and I’m addicted. Harjeet has the experience and knowledge to craft an effective and motivating plan. The facilities and staff at Embody are first class. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to make an enjoyable lifestyle change


O. Rachid

When I started out, with the transformation program at Embody, I wasnt sure what to expect...but what ended up happening was beyond my expectations. Most importantly my coach Harjeet Singh, has been able to get the most out of me and push me whenever he could, while also taking into account my own limitations (lots of stress, travel, etc...). He's a result-oriented professional who loves what he does, and it really shows on the intensity of the sessions, the nutrition follow up and the results on my fitness!


Rivera Chapman

they have great programs
trainers are professional
good place to focus on your body and get fit


Patrick McPherson

Embody Fitness is the best and most rewarding gym I have attended. The gym itself is state of the art with excellent facilities. It never feels too busy or over bearing and is a great space just to focus on the workout.

However, the most compelling reason to try Embody are the trainers and especially mine: Amanda Jenkins.

Amanda is fun to work with and we have lots of laughs but more importantly she pushes hard and really is an expert at what she does. The sessions are always changing so it never gets boring or routine and are always challenging. I have certainly felt the results and am very happy with progress.

I highly recommend Amanda and Embody Fitness.


Charles Bock

The best program in Dubai. The trainers are world class in knowledge and coaching. They tailor programs based on each clients needs and capabilities. They will assist in other aspects such as rehab if a client needs rehabilitation to progress further in reaching their goals. Embody is focused on helping each person succeed with fitness and nutrition goals. The client has to be open to receiving and following the guidelines provided. If client truly wants to make a lifestyle change the trainers will help them accomplish this through their respective knowledge and expertise. They will encourage folks and work diligently to assist you in reaching the your goals. There is no better program for nutrition and fitness in Dubai.


Shireen Atassi

Best gym I have ever joined!! Wonderful facilities and a professional friendly team- the best combination! I have been training there for 8 months and the change in me (both inside and out) has been remarkable. Working out with Tim has been amazing - he pushes you yet listens to your body! Tim, Saul, Rob, Morgan and the rest of team - you guys put a massive smile on my face! The days that start with a workout at Embody are by far the best! d

Embody Fitness VIP Gym in Dubai for Personal Training

The Fitness Studio for Personal Fitness Training in Dubai

Every client has different needs and requirements when it comes to their fitness goals and their own body. Therefore, at Embody, every programme developed by our team of fitness trainers in Dubai is bespoke to each client and tailored to their specific needs.

At Embody you will have a team of experts looking after you. An elite level personal trainer, a dedicated nutritionist and a sports therapist will work in unison to ensure your journey is of the highest level of expertise you will find anywhere in Dubai.

Embody is the only gym in Dubai that boasts a team of Olympic athletes and world class trainers who have come from our prestigious and award-winning sports performance facility in London. The quality of our professional fitness trainer team, combined with our team approach is what makes Embody so unique and like no other fitness studio in Dubai.

Clients come to Embody to make a serious change in their lives or to take their goals to the next level. Our mission is simple…to ensure they achieve this and more with all the professional support they need along the way from our multi-disciplined, elite team of sports professionals.

Embody Fitness has earned an industry-wide, reputation for producing award winning, outstanding physical results. But more than that, we take clients on a journey that ultimately transforms their lives and not just their bodies. There is nothing more rewarding for the team than to experience this journey alongside our clients and see the amazing results they achieve.

We have won regular accolades for our client results from Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Women’s Health over several years for the consistent and outstanding physical results we deliver for our clients. Click here to see our clients' body transformation results for yourself.

This is what makes Embody the best fitness studio in Dubai for results and motivates us to continuously improve in everything we do.

Award Winning Fitness Studio in Dubai

Our fitness studio has developed body transformation programmes designed to deliver fast physical results but ones that are also sustainable in the long term. We achieve this by focusing on every key area that impacts this journey…from your detailed initial assessment, bespoke training programme, nutritional analysis and meal planning, supplementation, rehabilitation and injury prevention and regular monitoring and testing.

Our clients often achieve so much during their time with us they not only look and feel like a new person but with a strong focus on education they are fully equipped to look after themselves longer term and understand every area that impacts their well being.

This relentless focus on results has earned us our reputation for being the “best fitness studio for transformation results” Men’s Health.


Embody Fitness
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+971 52 723 9333

+971 52 723 9333