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The only Olympic standard, luxury private gym in Dubai

Located in Dubai’s iconic Lamborghini Headquarters, our luxury private gym is the largest of its kind and provides the best physical training facilities to enable our team to get you looking and feeling better than ever.

From the Olympic-standard VIP gym area and our luxury private training studio to the relaxation lounges and ESPA products, we have sought to create a dynamic yet luxurious environment for our clients.

Our nutrition café and bar offers our clients the perfect opportunity to eat well and maintain their programmes in a highly welcoming atmosphere.

Boasting a comprehensive range of bespoke, high performance sports equipment, our Olympic standard luxury gym caters to the demands of many elite athletes and Olympians.

With designated zones focused on each essential stage of an elite strength and conditioning workout routine, clients will be put through their paces on our custom built power racks, rigs, free weights and power machines. Together with our stunning performance track, we ensure our clients the most thorough and comprehensive work out necessary to deliver great physical results.

Our spacious studio plays host to a range of group classes designed to fully compliment your training package, whether focused on mobility and flexibility or high intensity metabolic conditioning.

The studio is also used to provide a private space for one-on-one training in an all-female or mixed environment as well as a focused space to allow dynamic rehabilitation sessions to take place.

Each of our changing rooms have a distinctive elegant design with private changing cubicles, spacious lockers areas and separate lounge space to relax and unwind after a workout.

Showers are equipped with ESPA products, providing that additional luxurious touch to ensure you look forward to your next visit to Embody.

Covering functional movement screenings, retests, fascial stretch therapy, sports therapy and sports and therapeutic massage, our treatment rooms are fully equipped to ensure all treatments are delivered in a comfortable, discrete and professional environment.
Our Members’ Lounge and Nutrition Cafe offer our clients a spacious and relaxed environment to prepare for a challenging workout, wind down from an exhilarating class or session or just relax and catch up with friend and emails.

With coffees, protein shakes, snacks and light meals available throughout the day, we ensure clients have the perfect opportunity to stick to their nutritional programmes in a motivating and supportive environment.

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