Award-Winning Body Transformation in Dubai

Our 8 & 12 week Body Transformation Programmes are bespokely designed for each client depending on their specific goals. Through a combination of training, therapy, nutrition and regular monitoring delivered by a world-class team of experts we deliver outstanding physical body transformation results.


Jamie Body Transformation

12 weeks - lost 16kg and 14% body fat

“I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for over a decade…the team are simply amazing and take care of everything”


Personal Training in Dubai

12 Weeks – gained 4kg of lean muscle mass

“I cannot recommend Embody strongly enough – they helped me to achieved the physique of my dreams”


Body Transformation Gym in Dubai

8 weeks – lost 21kg and 22% body fat

“Everybody has a different motivation for wanting to get in shape. Mine came in the form of 4 children kindly pointing out that I was “getting quite large like Granddad”.


What are your Goals? Athletic ConditioningBody TransformationFat LossFitness ImprovementInjury Rehab/RecoveryStrength BuildingOther


Personal Training in Dubai

10 months – lost 8kg and 11% body fat

“From the first moment I knew there was something special about Embody Fitness…These guys know exactly how to transform you”


Ladies Personal Trainers in Dubai

12 weeks -went from 28% body fat to 15%

“The team at Embody Fitness enabled me to achieve goals I didn’t think I could reach”


Fitness Body Transformations in Dubai

5 months – lost 10% body fat

“Thanks to the team at Embody Fitness I feel fantastic, the results are simply extraordinary”


PHILIP-front-Wesbite copy

12 weeks – lost 17kgs of fat

“I was blown away by the results I was seeing after just one week. They gave me the motivation to give 100%”


Body Transformations for Women

6 months – lost 15kg and 19% body fat

“Training at Embody Fitness has not only completely transformed body, but it’s changed my whole life. It really is best in class, premier league personal training.”


John Glasgow Front

6 months – lost 15% body fat

“Embody were with me every step of the way. I cannot recommend them highly enough if you want to transform your life”


male body transformation in dubai

12 weeks – gained 4kg muscle mass

“I came to Embody to transform my physique – I am incredibly happy with what I have achieved”



12 weeks – lost 11% body fat

“Embody have seriously changed the game for me – it was just the intervention I needed to reset the dial”


body transfromation for men in dubai

8 weeks – gained 5kg muscle

“I have never trained as hard as I have with Embody Fitness, and the amazing physique transformation is exactly what I wanted.”


Body Transformation in DUbai

8 months – went from 15.5% to 8% body fat

“I have achieved way more than what I set out to – Embody Fitness has been a truly inspirational experience”


Nadya transformation-WEB

12 weeks -Lost 14kg and 14% body fat

“Training with Embody Fitness’ personal training team has been a life changing experience – I finally have the figure I always dreamed of.”


Adam Transformation-web

8 weeks – gained 8kg muscle, lost 7% body fat

“My unique injury history (two broken backs and a shoulder dislocation) has shown that Embody worked miracles…a truly life changing experience and so far beyond what I expected”


David front

16 weeks – lost 12% body fat on our body transformation programme*

“I am shocked at the transformation that I achieved at Embody Fitness – I can’t recommend Embody and the team highly enough. “


body transformation in dubai

12 weeks – lost 14% body fat

“Thank you Embody Fitness – the results have gone above and beyond what I had expected to be possible!”


fat to fit transformation

10 months – lost 9.5% body fat and gained 7kgs of lean mass*

“I’ve had the best training anyone could want at Embody, and have achieved results that I could I really aspire to.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly does Embody Fitness Offer?

Does Embody Fitness offer Ladies-Only Training?

What Kind of Results have Ladies gotten at Embody Fitness?

Who are the Coaches for Ladies Only Training?

What is an Example of a Client's Story at Embody Fitness?

Embody Fitness specialize in long-lasting body transformations, ranging from 2 to 3 month body transformations and 6 month body transformation.

How does the Body Transformation Plan work?

All of our programs, including our 6 month body transformation plan, starts with a free consultation with a member of the Embody Fitness team. From there we will conduct an in-depth assessment that covers three key areas, analyzing your body fat and muscle mass percentages, then we conduct a thorough movement screening and after this our qualified nutritionist will go through a thorough nutritional analysis and program. Nutrition and fitness have been proven to be extremely important in cutting the risk of cardiovascular illness.

Our personal trainers in Dubai are extremely experienced and highly qualified. With a team that includes ex-Olympic medallists and coaches with experience at the highest echelons of sport, the results we have achieved in Dubai and London speak for themselves. Whether you are looking to achieve your body transformation in London or Dubai, you can rest assured that with Embody Fitness' team you will achieve your fitness goals.