8 weeks
Gained 8kg muscle and lost 7% body fat*

“My unique injury history (2x broken back and shoulder dislocation) Embody worked miracles…a truly life changing experience and so far beyond what I expected”


12 weeks
Lost 11kg and 14% body fat*

“I highly recommend Embody Fitness if you are looking to transform your life.”


12 weeks
Lost 21kg and 22% body fat*

“From the first moment I knew there was something special about Embody Fitness…These guys know exactly how to transform you”


12 weeks
Lost 14kg and 14% body fat*

“Training with Embody Fitness’ personal training team has been a life changing experience – I finally have the figure I always dreamed of.”


10 weeks
Lost 7kg and 13% body fat*

“I’m spending less time in the gym but I am stronger and leaner than ever thanks to Embody”


12 weeks
Lost 5kg and 10% body fat*

“In an industry that, from experience, is hard to trust, Embody delivers on every level. A truly special environment that encourages and creates success.”


8 weeks
Lost 10kg and 10% body fat*

“Not only does Embody tailor a personalised transformation plan, they equip you with the knowledge to make these changes for life”

Celebrity – Jamie Theakston

12 week rehab; 12 week transformation
Lost 16kg and 14% body fat*

“I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for over a decade…the team are simply amazing and take care of everything”


8 weeks to cover model
Lost 4kg and 8% body fat*


12 weeks
Lost 7kg and 10% body fat*

“If you want to redefine your approach to wellness to achieve the best you possible, I not recommend Embody more”

Celebrity – Andy Goldstein

12 week conditioning; 12 week transformation
Lost 15kg and 16% body fat*

“I’ve tried countless training programmes and diets in the past and nothing compares to the results I’ve achieved at Embody Fitness”


12 weeks
Lost 12kg and 14% body fat*

“This has completely changed my attitude to muscle (my arms look great with some!), exercise and diet and I’m never going back”


12 weeks
Lost 11kg and 15% body fat*

“If you are ready to commit, Embody will push and guide you through exceeding your fitness goals.”


12 weeks
Lost 14kg and 16% body fat*

“Embody has basically changed and saved my life. The team they put around you is world class and the results speak for themselves”


10 weeks
Lost 7kg and 11% body fat*

“It didn’t feel like my life had to change drastically to get drastic results – Embody know how to achieve the impossible”

Ben (Men’s Fitness)

8 weeks to athletic cover physique
Lost 7kg and 11% body fat*

“The ethos and approach here is special…thoroughly recommended if you are after great results”


10 weeks
Lost 8kg and 12% body fat*

“I came to Embody because I was told that it was the best place for results..and it truly is!”


10 weeks
Lost 10kg and 12% body fat*

“The team kept me motivated throughout what has become a complete lifestyle change”


12 weeks
Lost 8kg and 10% body fat*

“This is not just a 12 week transformation, but the beginning of a new lifestyle”

Mark (Men’s Health)

10 weeks
Lost 10kg and 14% body fat*

“From ordinary to extraordinary in 10 weeks …this is really the ‘go to’ place for body transformations”


12 weeks
Lost 10kg and 17% body fat*

“Everyone here is ridiculously knowledgeable..these 12 weeks have positively changed me both physcially and mentally”


8 weeks
Lost 4kg and 7% body fat*

“There are no empty promises or latest fads here. Embody Fitness is where results are made”


12 weeks
Lost 9kg and 15% body fat*

“Signing up to Embody was the best decision I have ever made…a truly unique training environment which is both professional and inspiring”


8 weeks
Lost 5kg and 7% body fat*

“A truly special customer service experience. The only way to sum it up is to say that everybody actually cared how I was doing in the gym. I have nevery experienced that before”


10 weeks
Lost 8kg and 10% body fat*

“These guys take care of it all so you don’t need to worry – just commit”


12 weeks
Lost 20kg and 22% body fat*

“I feel so much better within myself. The Embody experience has transformed the way I look and feel. There is no way I could have done this alone”


8 weeks
Lost 6kg and 8% body fat*

“”I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and the lessons I’ve learned with regards to training and nutrition will last a lifetime.”

*Results may vary from person to person