Free your Neck Shoulders & Spine with Body Hack

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Free your spine, neck and shoulders workshop
In this workshop we will go through the causes of “stiffness” in the spine, neck and shoulders. You will also learn some movement and neuro based strategies to be able to address that to help alleviate tension.

Am I Plateauing in My Workout?

What is a Plateau?
After working out consistently for weeks or
months, it’s inevitable: you start to feel like you’re not getting the same
rush out of […]

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainers
It’s no secret that hiring a personal trainer is a surefire way to change your life for the better. Getting in better shape has […]

4 Positive Motivators That Reinforce Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise can be hard to integrate into your Lifestyle
The hardest part of exercising is getting started. Creating a routine and sticking to it seems […]

Protein Shakes 101 – Beginner’s Guide

Protein Shakes..
Anyone who regularly goes to the gym has heard about protein shakes at least once. They are the holy grail for professional athletes who […]

7 Glute-Building Exercises for Women

Building Glutes for Women
Bikini body aside, working out your glutes is immensely important because these muscles stabilise your pelvis. When they are strong, you put […]

How to Manage Muscle Soreness

Why should you care about Muscle Soreness
Summer is close enough that many will soon begin to prepare and build their ‘summer body’. With newly inspired […]

Your Motivation Profile & How To Use It

Contributing writer; Elliot Hasoon.


Motivation is defined here as our reason(s) for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Motivation is (I hope) something we have all […]

Great Exercise Technique: three lifting phases

Exercise Technique Obsessed
Whilst we are fortunate to be able to work and train in a world-class facility, most of our team members train elsewhere (in […]

Solutions to Common Fat Loss Mistakes & Misconceptions

Why Fat Loss Isn’t Easy
Most new clients contact us having already tried different methods to produce fat loss results (diets, workout programmes etc) that have […]

Improving Your Vegan Diet

What is a Vegan Diet?
Vegan (noun); a person who does not eat or use animal products.
Growing numbers of our new trainees now report as following […]

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