2911, 2018

Great Exercise Technique: three lifting phases

Exercise Technique Obsessed
Whilst we are fortunate to be able to work and train in a world-class facility, most of our team members train elsewhere (in […]

1011, 2018

Solutions to Common Fat Loss Mistakes & Misconceptions

Why Fat Loss Isn’t Easy
Most new clients contact us having already tried different methods to produce fat loss results (diets, workout programmes etc) that have […]

1910, 2018

Improving Your Vegan Diet

What is a Vegan Diet?
Vegan (noun); a person who does not eat or use animal products.
Growing numbers of our new trainees now report as following […]

2401, 2018

Gary’s Testimonial

2401, 2018

A glimpse of our world-class personal trainers in action

2401, 2018

Kat Lebrasse’s 12-Week Body Transformation