What is a Plateau?

After working out consistently for weeks or months, it’s inevitable: you start to feel like you’re not getting the same rush out of it as you were before. You’re not getting the same results as you were before, and the workout leaves you feeling kind of sluggish rather than energized and satisfyingly worn out. This may mean you’ve hit a workout plateau.

But don’t lose hope—this is easily remediable! Workout plateaus are normal, and Embody Fitness is here to help. Here are some signs you may be plateauing, and what we can do to help. For other information check out our blog otherwise keep reading. 

Your Keep Doing the Same Workout

Doing the same workout every day has exactly the effect you want it to. Eventually, your body gets adapts to it and can do it with ease. This is great news! It means your body and endurance are getting stronger! However, it is a double-edged sword.  Doing the same thing every day you’re no longer pushing your body further.

How to beat it? You switch up your workout. We can help! Embody Fitness offers group classes with different workouts every day. We also have personal trainers who custom fit a program to your body’s needs to ensure you never plateau.

You’re Going Too Hard

If you’re pushing yourself to the limit every workout, you’ll likely hit a plateau purely based on muscle fatigue alone. You might experience a lack of energy, muscle and joint pain, and fatigue. You might even start getting sick more often. This is because your body needs proper rest to function at full capacity.

If you keep pushing the limit every day, your body will force itself to rest by shutting down. Take a week off after every 4-6 weeks of strenuous exercise. We offer Rehabilitation and Sports Massage services to help you get your body back to top shape.

Your Workouts Aren’t Challenging

If you picked an easier workout because a more challenging one seemed too intimidating, chances are this workout probably isn’t doing anything for you. While it’s still better than nothing, it’s probably not pushing you very far or getting you to your desired results. Try one of our group classes or semi-private training classes, which are sure to make you sweat. 

You’re Not Keeping Track of Your Food Intake

The foods you’re eating can either boost your energy or deplete it. If you’re eating foods that are low in nutritional value, like greasy and fatty foods that are carb-heavy, you probably don’t even have the proper energy to finish your work out successfully.

Start keeping track of the foods you’re eating. Then, start substituting the poor choices for better ones: a salad instead of a burger at lunch. A banana instead of a cookie. At Embody, we offer Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching to help you get back on track in your eating habits.

You’re Not Getting Enough (Good) Sleep

Sleep and health go hand in hand. Losing sleep can make you gain weight, feel groggy and sluggish, and make you incapable of finishing your workouts. Even if you’re eating everything right and following all the steps, you won’t have the right amount of energy to finish your workout, and this will cause you to plateau.

Make sure you a lot between 7-8 hours of sleep a night. If you think you’re getting these hours but still wake up feeling unrefreshed, look into what factors may be disrupting your sleep during the night – i.e., sleep apnea, pets waking you up throughout the night, outside noises, etc.

There are tons of ways that you can be sabotaging your workouts without even realizing it! But the good news is, every workout plateau can be remedied with simple tweaks. At Embody Fitness, we’re committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals by any means possible!