Building Glutes for Women

Bikini body aside, working out your glutes is immensely important because these muscles stabilise your pelvis. When they are strong, you put less strain on your lower back. Working out these muscles can therefore greatly help to reduce back pain and knee pain by keeping your pelvis in line.


If you want to get one step closer to a healthy lower body, then working out your glutes is a great way to start. If this is a new area for you to focus on, then here are seven great exercises that we incorporate into our female only training programs. These moves are perfect for women because they only require the use of their own body weight and can be completed anywhere and everywhere. Whether you want to work out at our gym in Dubai or in the comfort of your hotel room whilst on vacation, these moves are flawless for exercising your glutes.


1.Barbell Hip Thrust

Put barbell parallel to the bench and sit on the floor, with your shoulder blades against a bench. Roll barbell toward you until it’s over your hips. Place elbows on bench behind you and hands on the bar. Keep body aligned and spine in neutral position. Inhale deeply, then exhale fully from your mouth. Brace core, push through heels, and squeeze glutes to lift both the barbell and hips. Hold then descend to floor, controlled, with core braced. Repeat this 10-15 times and adjust weights according to preference and routine.


2.Reverse lunge

In this move, you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Once stable, step backward with one leg until both knees are at a 90-degree angle. Your lowered knee should point toward the ground and your stationary knee should keep in line with your foot. Start with 20 reps per leg and increase from there. Add weights in future for more effect.


3. Sideways Squat Walk

This move is another variation on the typical squat. Get down into normal squat position, making sure that your knees are over your toes. Then, step out to the right with your right foot. After, that let your left leg catch up. After doing this exercise ten times to the right, try going back to the left.


4. Glute Bridge (with optional leg extension)

This exercise is another one for the ground. Begin by lying flat on your back. Bring your knees to a bent position while keeping the rest of your body flat. Make sure you are engaging your abdominal muscles as you raise your hips upward toward the ceiling. Once you get the hang of this, you can try starting the move with one knee bent with your foot on the floor, and the other leg extended straight out. Start with ten full glute bridges followed with five extensions with each leg.


5. Deep Bench/Chair Lunge

For this exercise, you’ll need a prop. This can be a workout bench or just a sturdy chair in your home. Start with one leg planted on the ground, then extend your other leg behind you so that it rests of the chair or bench. Then, commence doing regular lunges. Make sure that the knee of the leg on the ground does not extend over your toes. Do fifteen reps per leg.



This move is another fun floor workout. Get on all fours on your mat. With your knee bent, extend one of your legs out to the side in a manner that is reminiscent of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Repeat this for ten repetitions on each side.


7.Curtsy Lunges

Start standing with your feet beneath your shoulders. Make a fist with one hand and hold that fist with the other hand. Step your right leg behind you toward the left so that your legs cross each other. Make sure that you bend both knees as you do this. The move got its name because it looks a bit like a classic curtsy. After you have completed this exercise ten times on one leg, switch to the other.

Many of our female clients that join our body transformation programs for the first time, think that the only way to work out your glutes is to do a million squats. However, hopefully, the above exercises have opened your eyes to the variety and fun you can have while getting a stronger behind. Ladies, what are you waiting for? Get moving!