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Men’s Fitness feature Jamie and Andy’s Transformation Challenge

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Winner – Tatler Gym Awards 2016

We’re delighted to have won the “Best for Transformations” award in the Tatler Gym Awards 2016.

Thank you to the team at Tatler – who described our results as no less than “astonishing” – and of course our fantastic team and clients who make those results possible.

Tatler July 2016 Issue   |   tatler.com



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To Squat or Not to Squat?

So when you come to do your personal training sessions at Embody, you have certain expectations as to what exercises your trainer will have you do. Today we look at one of our all-time favourites…

The squat – and let’s get things straight here, I’m talking about the full back squat with the bar sat on […]

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Getting the basics right – Sleep

Clients that come to us for our bespoke personal training programmes and great results are all too often busy London professionals looking to achieve the amazing. Whilst this does not daunt us in the slightest, we cannot ignore the basics in setting solid foundations for delivering you the results you desire.

I’m often asked, by clients/friends/trainers […]

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#FiveDayFitness hits Embody!

Trace publicity are spending the week trying out London’s best fitness facility’s, each the top of their game in their area.

Naturally Embody Fitness was the pick for the strength and conditioning day in which a number of the Embody Fitness Personal Trainers combined strength training with metabolic circuits – a great way to supercharge fat […]

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The Trickery of Artificial Sweeteners

If artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, cyclamate and acesulfame-K help people to lose weight we could have seen the results long before now. The United States would have given the world a shock with significant weight loss results.  Given their near zero calorie content, everyone expected that their metabolic action would also be zero! […]

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The Unknown Harm of Fructose

Having praised during the eighties the merit of this ‘natural sugar’, the scientific community is now unanimous; consuming fructose constitutes the worst dietary advice that one could give to diabetics, who without further ado, should throw their fructose jars in the nearest available bin. […]

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Optimise your workouts with BCCA Force

Your training is methodical, your nutrition calculated and organised, but you forgot one important ingredient when it comes to maximising recovery and ensuring solid muscular gains for all your sedulous work…..Branch Chain Amino Acids!

There’s more research that supports the use of BCAAs than most other supplements on the market! Although it’s not to uncommon to find the occasional nay saying, pharmaceutically enhanced body builder refute the need for BCAA supplementation, anyone who isn’t part of the dark side of the fitness industry should be embracing the many benefits BCAAs have to offer. […]

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Animal Milk Issues

Now it is time to bring some enlightenment to the multiple negative reactions humans can have towards animal milk products. It is an important subject about which we constantly hear many confusing statements, with people swiftly mistaking the three main components of milk products: sugars, proteins, and fats. […]

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Men’s Fitness exclusive


The final video in the series in which you can see behind the scenes footage of Ben getting ready for the cameras after his 8 weeks of intensive personal training at Embody Fitness. […]

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Quick tips for effective overhead pressing

The overhead press, be it dumbbell or barbell, can be one of those movements that many struggle with. Once you eliminate mechanical dysfunction caused by muscular Imbalances and faulty movement patterns, the leading cause for a poor overhead press is an inability to dissipate the load effectively. […]

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Fructose friend or foe – part 2

The sublime piece of biological engineering that is the human body, is a complex system of systems, shaped by millions of years of selective adaptation and to all intents and purposes, it is the definition of perfection. Through a combination of traits, we have assented to the top of the hill, existing as the dominant species on the planet. Yet amongst all this genetic superiority, there are systems and feedback loops designed for an environment so radically different from the world we have fabricated, resulting in some instances where our bodies work against us. […]

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